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Rules for Dogs at the Bel Air Strandhotel in Glowe


We take care of your recovery.

Rules for dogs

Rules for dogs 2

Rules for dogs 3

We four-legged friends. . .

… are absolutely housebroken!

… have our own werehouse or ask at the reception for a dog blanket!

sofa, bed, and chairs are just something for the comfortable bipeds.

… must be so good that no other guests are disturbed by our barking!

… must be in the restaurant or in the breakfast room while “master & mistress”, We will wait in the room!

… must always be accompanied in the hotel and so my “master & mistress” does not get lost in the hotel, I better lead them on a leash behind me.

… should be used to being in contact with many people and other dogs.


Our hotel dogs “Oscar” and “Sid” welcome his “colleagues” to us.

Dear Dog owner, Dear guest!

These are some necessary hints in the interest of all Involved.
Please understand that we have established these “rules” based on our experience, but also that we may have to charge for damage or special cleaning (in addition to the daily dog logis).

We wish you and your little friend
A pleasant stay in our house and in the beautiful Glowe!

Your family Benedict and staff… and of course Oscar & Sid