The EssBar (Food Bar or Edible Bar) in the Bel-Air Strandhotel in Glowe


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Experience with us in the restaurant RUIANI our thoughts of fresh, classic and regional Cuisine. During the selection of our dishes and menus, and especially of their ingredients, we are constantly taking time to find the best products together with our suppliers in Mecklenburg-vorpommern.

With joy, diligence, craftsmanship perfection and creativity we want to inspire you anew every day. The choice is yours to choose between cattle, veal and poultry dishes or fish from the Baltic Sea and all seven world Seas. of course, recipes of a modern vegetarian cuisine are also part of our offer such as Children’s Dishes.

Not only our care in selection and preparation, but your joy over a good meal, makes the combination of enjoyment & healthy Nutrition Successful. Our young service team will be happy to accompany you through the evening with attentive service & natural cordiality and thus contribute to the success of your holiday.




Hungarian goulash from the Mecklenburger Grassland Cow

7,90 €

Club Sandwich – tomato mozzarella

7,90 €

– Italian Parma ham

8,90 €

– Smoked salmon

8,90 €

Matjestatar on roasted black bread

8,90 €

Mecklenburg snack

2 slices of wood-fired bread with country ham,

Schlackwurst, lard, butter and gherkins

9,90 €

Tarte Flambée – Alsatian style with bacon and onions

8,90 €

– Smoked salmon

9,90 €

– Tomato mozzarella

9,90 €

1/2 pound sweet potato fritters with yogurt dip

5,90 €

Rice pudding with applesauce

4,90 €

French creme brulee

5,90 €

Lava cake with vanilla ice cream

5,90 €

Cup of coffee & 1 piece of cake

5,00 €

Coffee specialty & 1 piece of cake

6,00 €

Different snack boxes

€ 2.50

Opening Hours

07:30-10:30 (daily)

17:00-22:00 (sunday closed)


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