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Boat Trips in Glowe


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Discover the island of Rügen from a particularly beautiful side-from the water. Take the MS Cap Arkona, Ms Binz or Ms Marco Polo from the pier Sassnitz towards the Chalk coast or continue to Cape Arkona.

From the water, consider the 50 meter ascending cliff of the chalk Coast. You can also charter a sports boat in Glowe and explore the island of Rügen. With a coastline of about 575 kilometers, the island of Rügen has much to offer.

Among other things, you can choose from a good 56 kilometers of sandy beach or from 27 kilometers of natural beach, if you prefer. However, the natural beaches can be very rocky. You will also find large boulders.

Of course, there are also plenty of ports where you can dock to see the coastal cities. In Lauterbach there is, among other things, a marina where you will see houses on the water. Or you can go ashore at Cape Arkona to see the great Jaromarsburg, which unfortunately gets smaller with the removal of the coast.

Enjoy the view on or off the water. Either on the beautiful Baltic Sea or on the famous chalk coast. We wish you a pleasant journey and a lot of fun.


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Boat Trips 1

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