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Places worth seeing in Glowe and on Rügen


Places worth seeing on Rügen





· Former ferry port

· A picturesque 15th century village church


·Two oldest church in Rügen

Alt Reddevitz

· Excursion to the bio-fruit Farm „Nature Paradise Teutenberg“

· „To the beach Castle“ visit and tour of Hofbrennerei, farm shop and Hofcafé


· Library „Mönchgut“

· Bulwark: Boat tours and hikes

· Boat rental at the Bulwark

· Open-air stage in the Spa park, seafront promenade

Bergen on Rügen

· Library

· St. Mary’s Church (the oldest church in Rügen)

· Theodor-Billroth-Birth House

· City Museum

· Observation tower at Rugard

· Tennis court on the Rugard

· Buggy and Go-kart track

· Climbing forest on the Rugard

· Nonnensee

· Cinema


· Pier with boat excursion traffic

· Beach promenade with buildings in the style of the Baths architecture

· Theodor-Billroth-Birth House

· Guided hikes around the Schmachter Lake and in the Granitz forest

· Tennis court with school

· Hunting Castle Granitz, exhibition and tour of the tower

· „Vitamar“ adventure pool at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Holiday Park

· Casino

· Prora: Hike to the „Colossus of Prora“, 4.5 km long, gigantic KdF bath

· Heritage Site with the BAUMWIPFELPFAD

· Rope Garden Prora

· Sailing and surfing School Prora


· Church of St. Paul, around 1400 built stone church

· Castle Spyker, former seat of the Danish field Marshal

· Viewpoint Tempelberg


· Captain’s houses from the 18. and 19th century in Breege

· Boat trips from Breege

· ‚Saal‘ stones (also seal stones) in the lagoon

Gager/Big Zig

· Brick church in the 14th century

· Guided hike in the biosphere Reserve of Southeast Rügen

· Boat trips from the port of Gager


· Oldest town in Rügen on the German Avenues road

· Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Museum

· Slavic fort wall

· Petrikirche (14th century)


· Rügenpark, amusement park

· Church (15th century)


· Water-hiking-picnic Area

· Beach Promenade with Kurplatz

Large Schoritz

· Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Birth House


· Sea bridge with maritime traffic

· Spa Park with open-air stage

· Guided hike in the biosphere Reserve of Southeast Rügen


· Airfield with round flight possible and charter


· Heritage Museum with gold treasure

· Gerhard Hauptmann memorial in the House „Sea Buckthorn“

· Church

· Bush with lighthouse

· Hikes to Vitte and Neuendorf

· Lake Stage

Cape Arkona

· Lighthouses, Temple fort wall and the Marian Bunker plant

· Slavic fort wall

· Guided hike or carriage ride

· Nobbin, ‚Hühnengrab‘

· Fishing village Vitt with chapel and the oldest ‚Reethäuser‘

· Fog Signal Station Arkona

· Findling „Siebenschneiderstein“ at the Gellort

· Rügenhof Arkona with open-air theatre

Lancken Granitz

· Large stone graves, ‚Hühnengrab‘

· Village church (15th century)


· Lauterbach: Sailing and fishing port, hikes, boat trips

· Large stone grave ‚Dolmen‘

· Puppet and Toy Museum

· Visit to the island of Vilm (registration under 03 83 01-61 896)

· Vilmnitz: Church with burial place of princes of Putbus, organ concerts

· Village church (13th century)


· Granite findling „Swan Stone“

· Water-hiking resting place

· Marina


· ‚Hühnengräber‘

· Park „Semper Heide“

· Lichtenstein Castle

New Mukran (at Sassnitz)

· Ferry port Sassnitz

· Europe’s most modern fish processing

· Guided hike to the Flint fields, Wostevitz ponds


· Capital of the Peninsula ‚Lebbin‘

· Church (13th century) owns the oldest bell of Rügen

· Grümbke-observation tower

· Gut Liddow (filming of the series „Hello Robbie!“)


· 4.5 km long building object „Kraft durch Freude“

· ‚Museenmeile‘ and exhibitions in the KdF complex

· Heritage Site with the BAUMWIPFELPFAD

· Rope Garden

· Sailing, catamaran and surf school


· Tour of the city, guided Park hike
, game enclosure

· Small Historical Theatre

· Exhibition in the Orangery, permanent exhibition

· Large stone grave ‚Dolmen‘

· Puppet and Toy Museum

· Vilmnitz: Church with burial place of princes to Putbus, organ concerts

· Village church (13th century)


· Störtebeker Festival

· Castle Ralswiek in the park

· Harbour

· Sailing School

· Former Manor in Karnitz


· Village church (13th century)

· Former Monastery in the park


· Dobberwoth, Great tumulus (1500 BC)

· Chalk Museum and Chalk Trail


· Show roasting in the Rügen coffee roaster in the city harbour

· Boat tours from the city harbour

· Hike along the Chalk coast in the footsteps of C. D. Friedrichs

· Hikes through the Jasmund National Park to the King’s chair

· National Park-Royal Chair Centre

· Home Animal Park

· Butterfly Park


· Ferry services to Hiddensee and ship departures

· Boat tours from the city harbour

· Interesting House inscriptions

· Village church (13th century)

· Rests of the Swedish hill on the stumbling hook


· Pier with Gastronomy and events

· Boat Trip Traffic

· Guided hikes around Sellin and into the Granitz forest

· Sailor Harbour Seedorf

· Wilhelmstraße with villas in the style of the Baths architecture


· Port and surf School

· Atelier Flotsam (floral art)

· Observation tower at the pilot Mountain

· View from the mountain Klein-Zicker


· Late Gothic St. Catherine’s Church